A Midwest Excavating Contractor Providing Quality Excavation Solutions Since 1952

Kuesel Excavating, Co. is an excavating contractor in O’Fallon, MO providing grading, stabilization and excavation services throughout the Midwest for over 60 years. The integration of advanced technology is what sets Kuesel apart in the excavation industry. As an operation at the forefront of technology, Kuesel is known for high-quality performance and complete customer satisfaction.

Fueling Cat 951B

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Fueling up the CAT 951B via tank on 3/4 ton pickup

An Excavating Contractor Providing Optimum Efficiency Through Experience

As an excavating contractor that’s been a part of the site development industry for over six decades, Kuesel Excavating Co. employs only the most experienced foreman, grade checkers and operators, some with over 30 years of experience. The Kuesel team has gained special knowledge and experience working closely with contractors private and public as well as municipalities and government agencies, solving problems before they happen to help prevent unanticipated project delays.Kuesel specializes in “schedule intensive” projects, utilizing quality leadership and support throughout the company to meet aggressive project deadlines.