Stream bank restoration and mitigation is a process used to stabilize stream banks to correct and prevent stream bank erosion.

Kuesel Excavating Co. uses a combination of planting and riprap, as well as concrete barriers when necessary, to stabilize bank streams. Stream bank restoration crews continually assess streamflow to ensure proper restoration from start to finish for all jobs.

Cutting Edge Stream Bank Restoration Equipment

Using the right tools for any stream bank restoration job is essential for productivity and accuracy. Kuesel utilizes John Deere GPS Dozers, Komatsu GPS Dozers and Caterpillar GPS Motor Graders to tackle grading projects of all types and sizes.

Kuesel takes pride in its equipment and continuously adds to and updates existing equipment in order to keep current with technology advances and maximize field production.

Safety Precautions & Potential Hazards for Stream Bank Restoration

Providing stream bank restoration services helps to:
  • Enable waterways to better handle floodwaters, to protect surrounding structures, roads, utilities, etc.
  • Reduce or lessen potential risk for landowner or government expenses incurred from draining ditches and removing excess sediment.
  • Enables infiltration of contaminated stormwater and encourages interception of subsurface and runoff water pollutants coming from construction sites, urban land and agricultural land.
  • Contributes to improved habitats for native river species and the aquatic food chain by creating hiding places and producing organic matter from plant debris for fish and other organisms.

Employing GPS Technology for Stream Bank Restoration

Stream Bank Restoration | Kuesel Excavating Co.
Kuesel utilizes Agtek 4D takeoff software on nearly all of its stream bank restoration projects today, granting the capabilities to tackle large projects while continuing to maintain the smaller ones.

This technology enhances project efficiency, improves accuracy and prevents increased budget spend through the use of manual robotics such as rover systems, laser level visual control & company-wide machine control.

Project Estimates for Stream Bank Restoration

Kuesel employs tech-savvy stream bank restoration engineers and technicians to perform accurate take-offs from customer supplied information. Our capabilities include paperless downloading take-offs and generation of estimates.

Contact Sean Strader for more information or questions about our estimating process and turnaround.