Professional Pipe Fusion Services in St. Louis, MO

Kuesel Excavating is the ideal partner for companies requiring reliable piping fusing solutions. Numerous clients have trusted our piping fusion services and expertise. Our experts are experienced in butt fusion and socket fusion techniques which ensure a secure connection between pipes for fluid systems such as water or gas lines so that they can be used safely. 

We provide our clients with a wide range of services, including supplying and installing high-quality piping. Our team has the skills to install piping fixtures for any project, from small residential projects to larger industrial ones. We use the latest butt and socket fusion welding equipment that guarantees pipe joints are fused securely and correctly. As a company, we understand that the reliability of a pipeline is essential for companies to operate safely, so you can trust us to provide only the highest quality of service.


Our Fusion Process For Enduring Pipeline Excellence 

At Kuesel Excavating, we don’t just fuse pipes. We craft connections that stand the test of time. 


Pipe fusion is more than just a mechanical process. It’s a symphony of technology and artistry.  At Kuesel Excavating, we are proud to have six top-of-the-line McElroy fusion machines that bring this symphony to life. These machines are not merely tools; they are skilled craftsmen shaping the future of pipeline connections. From delicately fusing plastic pipes to bonding pipe fittings, our machines transform raw materials into functional works of art.


Our piping fusion process has the following steps:


  1. We inspect the pipe to ensure it meets all quality and safety standards. 
  2. Our technicians carefully measure the pipes to ensure they fit snugly together before fusing them with our McElroy Fusion machines. 
  3.  Finally, each joint is tested for strength and leak-free performance so customers have complete confidence in their pipe connections. 


Kuesel Excavation’s expertise extends to a versatile range of thermoplastic materials, from the ever-reliable polyethylene to the robust polypropylene and the high-performance PVDF and ECTFE. Whatever the project demands, Kuesel Excavation stands ready to bring these materials to life.

When it comes to the techniques that breathe life into pipelines, we are experts in both butt fusion and socket fusion. Imagine the precision of butt fusion as two ends melt and meld together, their union growing stronger with each passing second.

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At Kuesel Excavating, we understand that a strong connection is at the heart of any successful piping system. That’s why we take every step to ensure our clients get reliable solutions they can trust in the long run. From thermoforming and butt fusion welding to socket fusion welding and testing, Kuesel Excavating masters the art of fusing pipes for enduring excellence. 


If you decide to work with us, you will have a reliable partner with extensive experience in piping projects. Our team is devoted to upholding the highest quality and safety standards, so you can be confident that your project will be carried out with precision and care. You will eliminate welding problems, reduce downtime and save money in the long run. Contact us today to get started on your secure piping journey with Kuesel Excavating!



We believe that successful projects begin with accurate planning and estimating. Our tech-savvy engineers and technicians use the latest software to perform precise take-offs from customer-supplied information.

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