An Excavation Company in St. Louis Founded in 1952

Previously a row-crop farmer, “Old Man Kuesel” started the company by digging basements with teams of mules, eventually growing it into what it is today: a full-service excavation and site development operation completely run by engineers.
Excavation Company St. Louis | Kuesel, Inc.

Always Putting Clients First

Kuesel is an excavation company in St. Louis putting a company-wide emphasis on client satisfaction, from estimating to managing and supervising every project. The company takes pride in close client relationships maintained over the years. The experienced engineers at Kuesel strive to strengthen these bonds while continuing to form business relationships at each possible opportunity.

Continually Striving for Excellence

As an excavation company in St. Louis, Kuesel’s mission is to be recognized as Midwest’s leader in providing the highest quality site improvement services through:
  • Respecting business associates through honesty and fairness.
  • Creating a safe environment for employees so they’re able to return home to their families when the work day is over.
  • Continuously improving means and methods in order to give clients the biggest “bang for their buck.”
  • Employees challenging each other to be the best at what they do.
  • Investing in employee training to continue striving for excellence in performance for clients.

Keeping Safety a Top Priority

At Kuesel Excavating, safety is everyone’s responsibility. Injury is prevented only through the implementation and enforcement of the 6 P’s within the company’s practices:

Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Kuesel’s focus is on creating employee awareness and eliminating at-risk behavior. The company maintains a strict zero tolerance approach to project safety through constant supervision from management, field staff and outside consultants.


Mike Steiniger

Mike Steiniger


636-978-3478 ext 222

Sean Strader

Sean Strader

VP Director of Estimating

636-978-3478 ext 223

Diane Price

Diane Price

VP of Operations

636-978-3478 ext 221

Project Estimates

Kuesel employs tech-savvy engineers and technicians to perform accurate take-offs from customer supplied information. Our capabilities include paperless downloading take-offs and generation of estimates.

Contact Sean Strader for more information or questions about our estimating process and turnaround.