As a demolition contractor in St. Louis, the specialists at Kuesel Excavating Co. work directly with private sectors, municipalities and contractors to provide demolition services for commercial buildings, houses, walls, storage tanks and bridges throughout the Midwest.

A Demolition Contractor in St. Louis with An Experienced & Knowledgeable Team

Kuesel Excavating Co. employs an impressively large staff of operating engineers, laborers, project managers and field supervisors, some with over 30 years of industry experience. This heavily contributes to Kuesel’s excellent reputation for providing high-quality grading services, great customer service and reliable industry expertise.

Demolition Contractors St. Louis | Kuesel Excavating Co.

Safety as a Concern

An improperly demolished building brings with it a wide range of safety risks for the demolition team and surrounding properties.

Kuesel helps protect all people and equipment involved in each demolition project by ensuring accuracy using advanced GPS technology. Demolition crew members work together to identify and remove all hazardous materials and waste before demolition begins.

Asbestos Removal

In accordance with Missouri DNR, St. Louis County and Illinois EPA regulations, Kuesel Excavating Co. is a demolition contractor in St. Louis with a Certified Demolition Supervisor on staff to oversee demolition operations. Our Certified Demolition Supervisor is licensed in Illinois and Missouri.

Material Recycling

Kuesel Excavating Co. is a demolition contractor in St. Louis that strives to maintain a safe, healthy approach to protecting the environment by incorporating proper disposal of materials throughout each phase of the demolition process.

In-House Equipment for Improved Efficiency

Kuesel Excavating Co. helps to expedite certain phases of the demolition process by owning and operating its own float and dump trucks as well as employing in-house mechanics for equipment maintenance.

Demolition crews are able to improve turnaround time by crushing through heavy-duty materials and removing rebar more quickly and easily through the use of excavators, multiprocessors, and portable impact crushers.

Project Estimates

Kuesel employs tech-savvy engineers and technicians to perform accurate take-offs from customer supplied information.

Our capabilities include paperless downloading take-offs and generation of estimates.

Contact Sean Strader for more information or questions about our estimating process and turnaround.